Version 1.1.15 released


Hi everybody,
Looks like the story about the impact of the full moon is a truth: everybody become more emotional and aggressive :slightly_smiling_face:. So I ask you to keep calm and help community and HomeGenie.

I completely agree with @David_Wallis that HG needs more automation tests in order that everybody can be sure that new features are not breaking existing ones. During refactoring of the statistics submodule I wrote a number of tests - so we have first steps done in this direction.

Also, I understand @raptorjr and @bkenobi problems with restoring backups from HG r526. I expected that this should work for most cases (and I personally was able to successfully restore my settings’ backup), but if you have problems - I think that they may be related with missing native libraries. That’s what I suggest:

  • I’ll add more logging to the restore process and will publish the new version (I think it would be V1.1.16)
  • You will try to restore your backups on the fresh install of this version
  • You will report problems to the topic Problems with restoring settings from the backup and attach your logs and (if it’s possible) your backup file.

I know that it’s time-consuming and I very appreciate that you are spending your free time trying to catch all that bugs.

No, dotnet core works on RPi 2, too.

Finally, this topic looks overloaded, so I advise you to start a new topic for discussing different aspects of the system. For example, here is the topic to discuss Distribution and installation.


I didn’t realize we were considering this a different program from Gene’s HG. I looked at it as the next version. There are lots of projects on GitHub that get forked and the new fork becomes the main version. If it’s been rewritten in some way, then obviously compatibility issues may occur. In any case, since the project is still called HomeGenie, it seems reasonable for someone without any other knowledge to assume that they can simply upgrade to your version and their backups should work.

That said, since they don’t currently work, a simple work-around to get a backup to work should be possible. The backup file is a zipped file containing the different programs, modules, settings, etc. If the database is not compatible, the guide would say “delete the database and insert database X in it’s place”. Obviously if the issue is inside a file like modules.xml, that would be a more difficult instruction.

As far as testing goes, I have my RPi3 running with the script I attached above without issue for over 1 week. When I restored my backup from 525, it started crashing and restarting the RPi every few hours. I am going to install 525 and let it sit for a few days and then restore my backup just to verify that the issue is HG and not the RPi. Assuming that goes well, we’ll hopefully have 1.1.16 available so I can try again. When that is released, please make sure to note where the debug file you need is located so I can upload as necessary.


The main problem wil be as more commits go in then it stops being backwards compatible… I would really like to rename the Interface for the interfaces to be prefixed with an I but that would stop the third party hg interfaces from working unless they were updated… if we are going to go down this route then we really need to ensure that we are using semantic versioning (see for more info regarding this) but fundamentally changing the way the interfaces work might be a better idea after trying loading into a new appdomain didn’t fix the issues.




Is there a reason that after installing HG 1.1.15 I can’t run 525? I uninstalled the newer one and installed the older but it won’t start up. I have done no debugging yet, just checking if there’s something known before I go further. I can create a new SD if that would be better.


Have you ever installed v526. Just curious.

As this project forks further from the last “official” release of HG v526 I’d imagine you will encounter problems like this. Possibly software that was installed in the newer version that conflicts with the older version. I’ve often had this problem with other variants of Linux.

Check your versions of Mono too. There was a significant upgrade to it quite recently which may affect downgrading to an older version of HG. Bounz reported difficulties when upgrading to Mono v5.1 recently,

As you say a fresh image is probably the quickest route.


I remember mono being an issue a while back. I think I’ll write a new SD and NOT use the current mono.


This version works currently until the new release of HG is merged:

sudo apt-get install dirmngr -y
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF
echo "deb raspbianstretch/snapshots/ main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-official.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mono-complete -y
sudo apt-get install ca-certificates-mono -y
sudo apt-get install gdebi-core -y

# Download and install Homegenie-BE
sudo gdebi homegenie_1.1.15_all.deb -n

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