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Author Topic: Zwave Thermostat  (Read 21847 times)

March 29, 2017, 04:54:32 AM
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Hey everyone,

I have Homegenie running several switches and sensors and it's working really well. I bought a CT 30 thermostat with the Zwave USNAP module. My HVAC is a heat pump and when I connect the CT 30 without the USNAP module it works fine. However, when I attach the USNAP and it starts communicating with Homegenie the thermostat exhibits the following problems:
- The Save Energy button refuses to turn off and this makes setting the temperature impossible. It seems that when I change the System.Level parameter to 1 the Save Energy feature turns off. However after Homegenie queries the USNAP then the Save Energy feature turns back on.

Is there a place where i can permanently set the System.Level parameter to 1 to verify this resolves the problem? Or are there any alternative troubleshooting ideas that I could use to help figure out what the issue is?