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May 19, 2014, 01:02:37 PM
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Some background about HomeGenie project

HomeGenie is a "home made" project, developed by just one programmer for his own Home Automation setup.
An extra effort has been put into this, to make it useable and shareable to others having similar setup.

Whenever HomeGenie do not satisfy your setup, continue reading this post or just consider using other software.
There are many other good Home Automation softwares around  ;)

Currently tested and supported setup

- X10 CM15Pro (PLC transceiving and RF receiving)
- X10 CM11 (PLC transceiving)
- X10 SC9000 Security Console (RF Security codes)
- X10 W800RF32 (RF receiving)
- X10 modules (most commonly used X10 modules)

- Z-Wave Aeon USB Stick and compatibles
- Z-Wave light, appliance, sensor modules of different brands

- Raspberry based GPIO/SPI/I2C hardware

- Windows, Linux, Raspbian systems as server hosts

- Any Web Browser or Windows Phone, Android devices as clients

How to make HomeGenie supporting other Hardware/Feature?

HomeGenie is open source. So, if you are a developer you can try adding extra features yourself.
In that case, please share the result and consider partecipating as a collaborator.
Refer to HomeGenie github pages:

Which is the best place for making a feature request or a bug report?

If you want to discuss a possible bug or new feature, you can use the specific forum's board or directly file a bug/request using this link (preferred way):

When donating to HomeGenie?

If you want HomeGenie support new hardware/feature, but you're not a developer, you can donate to the author so that he can buy the hardware and/or motivate the time needed for adding the requested feature.
In that case, you can try to find more people interested in the same feature, so you all can make small donations in order to reach the total amount needed for developing it.
Leave a small message when making a donation to tell what the donation has been made for.
The more you donate the more the author will be encouraged to satisfy your requests.

More in general consider donating HomeGenie whenever you found it useful or just for having sympathy for it =)

Where this project is going to?

Well, it totally depends on you users. The more it will get supporting users the more reasons there will be to make it a better product.

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging HomeGenie development till now.

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