How to autostart ha-bridge and HG on windows platform?


Have you checked the properties of the Jar file?
in the general tab
The open with should be “Java ™ Platform SE binary”
If I remember you stated clicking on the jar unzipped it. Also windows blocks certain aspects of downloaded files.
while in the Jar properties/general be sure Security: at the bottom isn’t displaying if it is check the unblock checkbox.
I’m feeling uneasy about using a batch file as a service


I am not so concerned since all this HG/HA-bridge does security wise is automatically ARM and DISARM the DS7000… I KNOW to listen for the ARM sirens to run 4 cycles at precisely x:45pm… If I don’t hear them, I can easily push the ARM button on nightstand myself.

But it is THIS single feature that allows me to replace AHP with this HG server based much better solution for the rest.

Now I can try to figure out how to replace IF X then do Y… but at my leisure. I thank you again for all your patience and help getting to this point.

In case it is of future value to anyone, my notes (with Kevin’s) will remain available for who knows how long at my dropbox public link:


Or stop logging credentials :smiley: - Raise an issue on github, sounds a very easy fix