Google Home plugin


Thanks, I hope that is the issue and not something bigger.
However looking over some of the documentation it does hint about the language part in that you have to specify it.
I wish I could help with the translations but I’m afraid I’d make things worse.


I think I found the problem.

Go to this link:

Instruction from :

Share an Action

Invite additional people to your project so they can test your smart home Action. To test your Action, your Actions project must contain at least one Action (located under Build and then Actions ).

  1. Go to the Actions console and select your project.
  2. In the left navigation menu, select the gear icon and then Permissions . This redirects you to the IAM page for your project.
  3. Click ADD to set a team member’s access to your project. You must be an owner of the project.
  4. Type the member’s email address in the Members box. To assign view access, from the Roles menu, select Project and then Viewer .

Note: If you want to share with a team, you can create a Google Group for your team, and add the Google Group’s email (e.g. [email protected]) in the Members box to grant access to all Group members.

  1. In the Actions console, select the Simulator and click SHARE . You can share this link with the members who are granted access.
  2. After you share the link with another user, that user must follow the link to the Actions simulator landing page and then toggle the Test Status to Active and click START .

Note: The system does not proactively notify the added members.


I created a Google group for the access permission.
"[email protected]"


ok I’m unsure where to enter this. "[email protected]"
Homegenie cloud (your Project)is no longer visible to me also get an error trying this link


Hi Guys.
I am very interested in this project.
I am not a programmer but I will try to be of assistance if I can.
I have quite an extensive setup in HomeGenie (more than 100 modules) both X10 and zwave all working good, and I would like to operate them by Google assistant.
Have tried a lot to get it running using Genes UPnP setup (version 2.39 stable) without success so far.


@gustav if you message @saue0 your gmail address I’m sure he’ll set you up (don’t post it here).


Thanks. I will do so


You both been added . please use the link to activate the test mode:


@saue0 thanks I was able to pull up the simulator I’ll play a bit tomorrow


@saue0 we are getting closer I now see the HG cloud in the Google home app however I cant pull it in. it hanges on the authorization part.
I’m using Genes latest build with the new authorization method could that be the problem?


I can also see the Home Genie cloud in Google Home application but when I try to select I get service error due to capacity of server or server under maintenance.
I guess this is due to the server being on your RPi…


@saue0 My group names and device nemes have Greek characters. Maybe this is the problem.
I can rename everything in English or I can create a small sample setup just to try if this is the problem.
I am also using Gene’s setup 1.2stable 39.


Ok my bad.
deleted some module by mistake.

it sould work now


Good day my friend

Sorry for the delay to reply. There is a big time difference to where I am.


In order to register it is asking for the server url and password. Are this the IP address and password of my own Home Genie setup or is it your server?

Also what about using Greek for the group names and device names. Are these OK or I must change to English?

If I leave in Greek will the Google Assistant recognise the Greek names when I speak to it ?

Sorry for asking but I want to be sure begore I register to avoid mistakes.



@saue0 I still cant connect. when it click to add HG it asks which account or to use a diffenent one i click on the account registered with your server and I get a blank screen for oauthorization which never loads any thing
It just hangs at that screen


OK if I go to your GH Cloud server I cant log in any more so maybe in your reworking of things my account was deleted


Yes enter the url, user ans password of your server.
ex : htttp://xxxx:8080 if the port is 8080

xxxx is the ip or dns name
(enter the address your using to access your server form outside hour home…)

The translation is 100% done by google home.
My cloud only receive predefine command and send them to your sever.

It is best if you pre register at
The register screen have a test button for testing the connection.
And the dashboard allow to see all the devices that are configured for GH. There an example of the sreen un a previous post


Ok i added a little more debug info for each request :
Please retry and give me the time you try to match with my trace
Use this link
The port 7980 is direct to my node application, so the IP in the trace will be good

0|home-genie-cloud | ::ffff: - - [20/Apr/2019:18:39:25 +0000] “GET /home HTTP/1.1” 302 56
0|home-genie-cloud | ::ffff: - - [20/Apr/2019:18:39:26 +0000] “GET /login HTTP/1.1” 200 3182


Ok give me 5 minute, same problem as a feu day ago. Bad restore of the module.


Ok was just going to mention that LOL