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@roberto1979 it makes more sense to update to Raspbian Stretch. Besides all the obvious advantages the newer Systemd service for managing all your services makes life a lot easier.

I have no doubt you could repair your HG Wheezy install but do you want to be running your system on an old Linux distribution.

It might be worth using something like Pi Clone to image your system for easy restore.

Did you have your Wheezy install on an SD card before you moved to the PI Drive


Thinking of the previous events the non-functioning of HG, in my opinion the cause could be one of the following:

  • Immediately after the last time I stopped the HG service (still working), before a reboot, the 15Gb space of the SD Card was almost completely saturated, due to large NON HG Log files, that I removed.
    Perhaps for HG it was not possible to save the config files correctly as a result of the stop request.
  • Shortly before the restart, I modified a program on HG, receiving an “I / O” error while saving the program. (I do not remember exactly the error, but there was only one word before “I / O”) …


I do not know the advantages of the “Systemd Service” newer, but I’m sure you’re absolutely right that an update of the system can only bring advantages.
My perplexity was due only to the necessary time, and the fear that some HG programs I use to interface with the home automation system could stop working. These programs, have not been made by me, but thanks to the kind help of the very kind Bounz, so in case of problems, I may not be able to properly restore HG.
As for the old settings, (in addition to the HG BK) I have old copies made with Win32 Disk Image, and now I’m using another SD for the new installation.
As for PI Clone, please, do you use it for your PI Backups? With this program is it possible to make reliable card clones via SSH without the need to remove it from the PI?


@roberto1979 will you create a new topic with your problem. The Alexa topic is being filled with unrelated issues and it will be difficult for others to follow it.

If you can post your last question in a new topic I will try to assist you


@Peetiscrete you’re absolutely right, sorry, I’ll open a new post for the next updates about it.